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Obviously you might have noticed that I have not post anything recently. The reason is simply, I do not agree with the course “WordPress” has taken and consequently I have decided to leave platform this summer.

What I am doing? First of all, I have a business to run. However, in my sparse free time, I am working on a substantial overhaul of my Elynesia Universe. A few major changes are:

  • Satelliteland will now be named Satnalia
  • Elynesia will finally get a proper currency name instead of the “credit”
  • Each major nation within this fictional universe will be assigned a language

Also I am planning a revision of my Urando Triology -which I will gave an update at a later moment. For now, I wish you all a nice day and stay safe and healthy!

Story update

I have added a new chapter to my story The Governess. Click on the link to read it!

Credit: photo by Vincent Anderson on Unsplash, edited with GIMP

Urando trilogy: update

I have made an update to the working titles of the volumes of this series:

  1. The Celestial Conspiracy
  2. The Queen of Ice
  3. The Scramble for Earth

Nothing is definitive at this stage, so things might and probably will change.

Update: country files

I have updated the country files page. Apparently numerous country files were not yet listed.


I have updated the about page.


I have added a new page which lists all country files featured in the stories on this site.