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Story Announcement

In a future where jobs on Earth are increasingly scarce, a young woman is excited when she is offered a job as a governess in a space settlement. After accepting the job, however, she suddenly find herself in a strange web of government secrets – with her mysterious pupil at the very center of it.

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Cover credits: photo by Vincent Anderson on Unsplash, edited with GIMP


Lunar radio-observatory (Updates)

I have added a new part to my ongoing story “The Lunar Radio-Observatory” on Wattpad. Please, check it out. For those unfamiliar to the story, here a short intro:

Fifty years have passed since humans returned to the Moon, when a scientist arrives on the Far Side of Earth’s only natural satellite. Though formally sent to head a scientific mission located at the Lunar Radio Observatory, his real mission is to lead an investigation in regard of establishing a second radio telescope of the Far Side.

However, the Moon is not only interesting for scientists but also for project developers. And as a four-decade-old arrangement banning tourist resorts on the Far Side is about to lapse, these project developers are eager to build a new hotel there. This brings the scientists on a collision course with the project developers.

In this story we follow both sides of the “debate”, the scientists and the project developers. In addition the Moon has become the object of a political dispute between Earths and Space settlers.