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Wormholes and Science

The good news: science shows that wormholes can exist; the bad news, however, they are unusable to travel through interstellar space. Apparently travel through a wormhole would be much slower, then travel outside it.

This is a real dumper on those who hoped to cross the galaxy in relatively short time – as wormholes used to be the most promising method of effective “faster-than-light” travel… But perhaps we should not give up as science might still find another way to use wormholes as a potential interstellar road network.


The Magnetic Wormhole

Physicists at the University of Barcelona has created a magnetic wormhole. This device can transport a magnetic field from A to B without being detectable in the intermediate space. In science fiction wormholes are a popular method of interstellar travel as it allows apparent faster-than-light travel. However, the magnetic wormhole does not allow material objects to be transported but one never knows where this development will end.

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Mundane Science Fiction and FTL travel

Mundane science fiction, the preferred genre on this site, builds stories upon the solid rock of known science rather than on made-up science. Consequently MSF features almost exclusively stories set in our own Solar System, since  with the current state of science interstellar travel will take centuries if not longer, because faster-than-light (FTL) travel is almost impossible under accepted theory of physics. Continue reading →